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Every drop of water is precious for human kind!

This is not only our motto, it is our direction, our wish and our goal.

New technologies and projects are a challenge for our experts. Quality is our priority and it distinguishes ESOT ENERGY. It is achieved with a close cooperation with our customers, suppliers of equipment and other organisations in projects.

We have obtained quality management certificates:

ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 and ISO45001.

We care about quality , as well as about safety and environmental protection.

Energetics and Industry
New projects ,reconstructions and rehabilitations.
Ecology and Water
Water treatment technologies
Assembly and maintenance
Installation, Monitoring, management, training.
Cooling towers, water cooling and water treatment equipment, Spare parts, chemicals


We are representing some of our referencies:

Reference list

Rafinerija nafte Brod, Republika Srpska, BIH, 2009 Sanacija I rekonstrukcija 6 ćelija betonskih rashladnih kula

Opština Teočak , BIH–2011 Regionalna fabrika vode za opštinu Teočak  (ključ u ruke)

Nova topionica bakra I fabrika sumporne kiseline Bor, Srbija– 2015 Rashladne kule, rashladni sistem, oprema za pripremu vode

Sunoko, Fabrike šećera Pećinci and Vrbas, Srbija-2013-2019 Rashladne kule I rezervni delovi za rashladne kule